• Custom 36″ aluminum deck
  • Two Turnigy 6374 192kv Outrunner Motors
  • 3D printed electronics enclosure for kill switch & ESC
  • Removable 12S1P Lipo battery
  • 6 mile range | 30mph max speed


I’ve been making electric skateboards since 2011. The current iteration (my sixth) is featured here. With 5″ pneumatic wheels and two large outrunner motors, this deck can tackle steep inclines and uneven terrain with ease. I milled the motor mounts out of half-inch aluminum stock, and 3D printed the electronics and battery enclosures to fit into the deck’s lower rails. An embedded XT90 connector provides safe access for easy battery swaps.

A previous iteration of this board can be found on Hackaday, where it’s one of the top viewed projects of all time, and around various tech news sites such as CNET.

Also, a short video taken by one of my GHP students, Emily Moseley:

Outside on the Aluminum Skateboard
Aluminum Skateboard Build (in progress)
Aluminum Skateboard Battery Connector